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    Raising the bar: Church Slides 101

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    Rockin' Toddlers?

    Rockin' Toddlers?

    Rockin' Toddlers is a marvelous church outreach opportunity.  At our church, we were only using our nursery on Sunday mornings.  We wanted to figure out a way to invite the community into the nursery.  Our solution: Rockin' Toddlers!  A weekly, free singing and movement class!  On the main menu tab about you will see the Rockin' Toddler tab.  It's a drop-down menu with all the information you will need to start Rockin' Toddlers in your church.  There is no cost - my gift to the toddlers and their parents in your neighborhood!

    Yikes - a typo!

    Yikes - a typo!

    When I walked into the tech booth I saw the handwritten note. The past Sunday the church had sung "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" by Edward Perronent.  Unfortunately I had a very memorable typo in the lyrics. Instead of singing "Oh, that with all the sacred throng we at his feet may fall! We'll join the everlasting song and crown him Lord of all..." I had typed: "Oh, that with all the sacred thong we at his feet may fall..." Sacred thong - oh my goodness.

    Typo's happen - hopefully this one will not happen to you.  The best way to avoid a typo is to cut and paste the lyrics from CCLI and to review the slides each week. At my church, the Music Director and I sit down for 15 minutes each week and check the slides.  He reads the lyrics and I read the slides.  We are able to catch all spelling and word order problems.  If it is a song we have sang recently, we skip the review.

    The most common mistake we have found is having the wrong song!  With so many of the hymns and songs have the same title or similar title - this mix up can happen very easily. Do you want to see what I mean? Type in "you have been so good to me" in the CCLI search box - eight songs pop up!  It would be horrible if the choir/band were singing one song and the congregation had the wrong lyrics - can you imagine?!

    Checking the slides each week is not fun - but keeping people in worship by having quality screens is the reason we do what we do. God bless.



    Simply marvelous - three wisemen drop everything and follow a star. Their faith led them to an unexpected place. 

    Each of us is given a positive and loving gift to share with the world.  The Epiphany worship service is a reminder to all of us that we need to step forward in faith.  As the words go "we three kings of orient are" 

    God bless, Lisa

    New Year - Hope for a Fresh Start

    New Year - Hope for a Fresh Start

    I love this time of year - the celebrations where I get to see people I have not seen in a long time. The hope that comes with Christ's birth.  And after the dynamic season of Christmas has passed, the chance for reflection to plan for the coming year.  My energies and hopeful visions feel me anew and I venture forth refreshed and energized.

    Every year I make a goal list.  A list of hopes and plans and dreams.  I pin it up and stop and look at it throughout the year.  It reminds me to keep moving forward. It motivates to stretch and try something new.  I hope 2018 will bring you and your family joy and good health.  I hope your churches grow and that you fill your communities with good and loving deeds.  God bless - Lisa

    What keys are in your pocket?

    Lisa Scott Jones - church slide guru

    This week someone gave me a key to their Synagogue - how amazing and startling - God has taken me to so many unexpected places. 

    When I first started doing the screens at church, they gave me a key to the church. I've been surprised by how much joy that key has brought me: I love coming into the Sanctuary to design the screens and having the place to myself. Having time and space to privately pray in this Holy space. I enjoy being able to let in and welcome other church volunteers to do their ministry and simply that the church trusts me with a key.

    For the last year, our Church has rented out the sanctuary to a new Jewish Synagogue plant. It's been marvelous. We have made new friends, shared dinners and had great faith discussions. The Rabbi and I have talked often about the importance of religious screens. She too uses screens in worship. They have just completed their synagogue across the street and no longer need to be our guests.

    In the mystery of God's ways, we are now becoming their guests. Our sanctuary is being remodeled and for four months we will be holding worship in a Synagogue - hence the Synagogue key in my pocket.

    I know God is up to something good. The keys in your pocket are the shortcut to knowing what is important to you - where you spend your time and energies. I'm intrigued by how designing Christmas screens in a Synagogue will influence my designs. I know God is up to something good in my life. Which keys are in your pocket?