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    Get ready to laugh, sing, play instruments and get to know the families of toddlers in your community!  Rockin' Toddlers is a marvelous outreach program that builds community, very easy to do and incredibly fun!

    At our church, we had a nursery that was only used on Sunday mornings. We wanted to invite the community in to use the nursery. So we created a free weekly class for toddlers and their parents, grandparents or nannies: Rockin' Toddlers! 

    Basically, it is a free, one hour class but we leave the end time open - families are welcome to stay and play as long as they like. We sing, wave scarves and shake instruments for 30 minutes.  Then we turn on some fun kid songs and the kids play in the nursery and outside on the playground.  Snacks and riding toys come out after song time. We advertise via Social Media and flyers at Coffeehouses (i.e. Starbucks).  Check out the other pages for more information.

    I hope this program brings joy to the toddlers, parents and you!


    P.S. What fun - I'm going to send out a quarterly email with new ideas. I'm hoping you will share creative ideas with your Rockin' Toddlers too!  Then I'll pass them on to others. To get on the email list simply send me an email at lisa@envisionworship.com. Put Rockin' Toddlers in the subject line and add your church name and city to the message.  Looking forward to connecting with you!