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For us - it's all about worship.  Our goal is to help churches connect with today's seekers and believers.  We believe Christ meet us where we are - who we are.  

We live in a visually striking time. Every day we are surrounded by gorgeous images and incredible graphic design. At Envision Worship we want to help churches connect with these media savvy people. We create Church slides that are gorgeous, vivid and - most importantly - prayerfully designed to instantly communicate the message of Christ's love through the lyrics and sermons - love, hope, understanding, community, serving - did we say Christ's love?

Our designer, Lisa Scott Jones, does the worship screens in her church each week. Lisa knows what you are looking for and what works.  We've kept the prices as low as possible so all churches have access to slides that will empower, energize and deepen the worship experience.

Legal description: The Envision Worship templates are created for the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation software program. The Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation software allows you to create slide shows {that will move, lift and inspire your congregation}. { } added! Your purchase or use of the Envision Worship products implies that you have read and accepted the Terms of Service. In addition, you are acknowledging that the template and/or image are for your or your organization's digital use only and will not be given or sold to a third party.

What do I get for my money?  An incredible church PowerPoint that has been designed exclusively to be used in a worship service.  When you purchase an Envision Worship PowerPoint - it's yours - you may use it over and over again! The only restrictions are that you may not give it or sell it to a third party and you may not post it online.

High Quality: All worship templates contain high quality professional photographic and vector images that work on regular screens/projectors and HD Screens. Professionally designed for worship - the images are chosen to build the worship experience and the PowerPoint is designed to optimize readability.

Easy to use: The worship templates are ready to go - just add the lyrics. The title pages and lyric/prayer text are all provided.  Fonts that work well with church screens and projectors are the default settings. There are two font choices in every template. There are also four layout options in each template.

Versatility: While the worship templates are all set up and ready to go - you are welcome to make changes. Fonts can be changed, text boxes expanded, shrunk or removed!

Affordable: I understand church budgets! Each of these Worship templates have been priced to make it affordable for you and your church. The PowerPoints templates may be used for as many years as you like.

Relevancy: Today's congregation are use to striking contemporary images. When we use similar images in the worship service we engage the audience and pull them further into the worship service.

Watermark: The Envision Worship watermark is not embedded in the PowerPoint templates.  It is only on the website images so the bad guys don't steal them. 

PowerPoint Ratio/Size:  Each Envision Worship PowerPoint template is offered in the Traditional size (4:3 ratio) as well as the Widescreen size (16:9 ratio).

To justify to the left or to the center - that is the question! It's up to you - both options are offered in the template.

File size: Most of the files are the size of a normal PowerPoint file.  But a few have different versions tucked into them as gifts for you and your church. We use high quality professional images so your PowerPoints will look amazing on any screen.

Yikes my computer crashed and I lost the PowerPoint file: No problem send me an email letting me know you need the files for your previously purchased templates. I will email them to you!  Lisa@envisionworship.com

Church changing screen sizes: Did your Church upgrade to HD Screens? No problem send me an email letting me know you need the HD versions of your previously purchased templates. I will email them to you!  Lisa@envisionworship.com

Workshops: I offer design consulting and tech team training. Not located in San Diego - no problem - I am often traveling for work - perhaps I can set up a workshop in your area.

Community: Being a Worship Visual Designer can be a solo experience!  We'd like to change that! Join the discussion! Envision Worship Facebook 

Grateful: I am grateful to each of you for serving your congregation as a worship visual designer - strengthening the worship experience and bringing our brothers and sisters in Christ closer to God - thank you.

How Envision Worship Came to Be:

I have been given the most amazing gift from the Holy Spirit - the gift  of creating stunning, visually striking worship visuals. It's a crazy gift. Ten years ago I would have laughed at the idea.  

One morning I walked into church and there were these huge HD screens on the walls. I didn't know it then - but in that moment my life was changed.  Long story short - a few months later I became the volunteer designer of the screens. In the beginning I was not very good at it. I studied church symbolism, graphic design, worship visual classes and met with my Pastors and graphic designers. I prayed and I improved a bit. But I had a long way to go.

One afternoon I was alone at church. I was struggling with a song - I did not know how to visually express the positive power of the Holy Spirit. I prayed a long time and became aware of an energy surging through me and around me - it was astounding, marvelous and a bit scary - all at the same time. Afterwards I felt a drive like I had never felt before - it consumed me. I spend so many hours creating the worship visuals that my pastor would tell me to go home. But I could not - I had an interaction with the Holy Spirit that left me profoundly changed and I knew there was something there I was suppose to do.

I liked to say that my skills improved over night. They did not. It took much longer. I am blessed with a wonderful family, I worked full time and would work on my churches' screen on the side. And eventually something started shifting. After my moment with the Holy Spirit I knew I had been given a gift - I also started believing in this gift. The screens started looking amazing - very different than most of what is out there. Full of color and movement and power - I leaned into it. And I designed more and more creatively.

One Sunday, the congregation was singing the song Stand. It was crazy but they were all sitting. I designed the worship visuals for that song to build as the music builds. I use numerous images throughout the song - each building in power so that at the end - the music and visuals meld into this glorious energy. The last image was all these believers standing together and the sun breaking though their raised arms. When that slide when up on the screens - the most amazing thing happened. The Pastor stood and the congregation stood with him. You could literally feel the power of the Holy Spirit in the room. Now it was not solely the slides - the musicians and the music were amazing but the slides were a part of building that momentum. It was a glorious moment. I wanted that worship experience for all people.

At the same time, church visitors started stopping by the tech booth after the worship service to ask me how they could get these slides for their church. I had been feeling a nagging pull that I should be doing more with the gift I had been given. So a few years ago I stepped out of the boat and started Envision Worship. Again a crazy thing to do - we were in the midst of the recession, I had just lost my job - it was a total walk in faith. Thankfully I am incredibly blessed with a husband that believes in my calling.  We are funding Envision Worship. We are thankful it is growing but we also know that we will be funding it for a few more years. Over the years I have worked - sometimes two jobs - to keep Envision Worship going. But each year I have learned new things that have helped me reach out more.

We feel incredibly blessed to be a part of Envision Worship.  It astounds us that our PowerPoints are in 25 countries and 48 US States. Christmas and Easter - we are a part of so many worship services - last Christmas over 100 Christmas eve services - can you imagine? It is so humbling - there is so much more in this than us.

So why am I sharing all this. I wanted you to know a little of whom I am and why I started Envision Worship. For me it all about helping people connect to Christ - helping churches to use images that are positive, gorgeous and build the worship experience.

I also want to create community for churches designers - often only one person in a church does this - every week - all year long - year after year.  They often struggle over what image to use to express the meaning of the lyrics. I am still the volunteer designer at my church - I am one of you. My hope is that this website gives you ideas and spurs your creativity. And I want to thank you for creating the worship visuals at your church.

Each of us is given gifts by the Holy Spirit.  If you have not recognized your gift yet - I hope you discern it soon. And then I hope you will take a leap of faith and utilize your gift to make our world a better, more positive place. God bless, Lisa

Questions or concerns: Please call or email me. I will get back to you as soon as possible: lisa@envisionworship.com 760-583-4483 (California, USA).



Lisa Scott Jones

Worship Digital Designer

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