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    Raising the bar: Church Slides 101

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    How do I create an Advent theme for the church's screens?

    How to create an advent theme on the church screens

    Great question – thank you for asking.  The screens are one of the first things that people see when they walk into church.  It’s the technology – it draws their eyes.  The right image will set the tone for a meaningful worship experience. During Advent we want to capture the feel of the season. We will often use the same welcoming slide for all four Sundays.

    I find it helpful to ask the clergy what their sermon theme will be for Advent and Christmas.  A very effective way to get at the heart of their vision is to ask “what is the take away you want the congregation to leave the worship service with?” Perhaps they will say they want people to know that Christ is the light in the darkness or anticipation and waiting for Christ to come. Likely they will base each week on the symbolism communicated in the advent wreath: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.  

    Once you understand where the clergy are heading, you can go looking for an image that will support and deepen that worship theme. A good question to ask when selecting an image is: will this contribute to the worship theme? It might be tempting to put up a gorgeous Christmas tree or an ornament filled slide.  Often those images communicate the more secular part of Christmas and do not build the individual’s worship experience.

    Candles are amazingly effective. Depending on the image you select you can communicate waiting, hope, joy, and peace.  A Christmas star can do the same with the added benefit of communicating Christ’s love through the ages.  A silhouette of a person searching the horizon is another possibility.  Silhouettes are important and effective because you want everyone in the congregation to be fully invested in advent – not just one sex, age group or race. If the theme is on the journey you could use a lantern or an abstract path well lit by a starry night.  There are lots of ways to go – you just need to give yourself the time and grace to find it.

    Action Plan: Connect with your clergy, ask the music director for the songs, pray and give yourself time to listen to that inner voice inside you.  Then go look for the image that captures the mood for advent.

    Ever gone blank when design the screens for a new song?

    Christ's power to transform lives christian background

    Do you ever go blank when designing the screens for a new song? It's happened to me a lot!  Seriously we are singing about God - the amazing power of God to transform lives - how do you capture that visually?  Sometimes it can be a bit intimating.  When that happens to me - I stop - get up from the computer - shut my eyes and just listen to the song over and over again. I ask for help - I pray asking Christ to help me find something that would speak to people. And then I start looking at images and inevitably I see one that feels right.

    How to Make Church Slides

    How to Make Church Slides

    We only do church slides!  Our goal is to help you create a gorgeous and meaningful worship service that connects Seekers with Christ.  We have created a How To Make Church Slides PowerPoint to give you expert advice and have a bit of fun along the way.  Please click on the photo below.  The How to PowerPoint will be downloaded to your computer.  You may click on it and watch it once or download it as a reference tool. It is our gift to you - enjoy!




    Rockin' Toddlers?

    Rockin' Toddlers?

    Rockin' Toddlers is a marvelous church outreach opportunity.  At our church, we were only using our nursery on Sunday mornings.  We wanted to figure out a way to invite the community into the nursery.  Our solution: Rockin' Toddlers!  A weekly, free singing and movement class!  On the main menu tab about you will see the Rockin' Toddler tab.  It's a drop-down menu with all the information you will need to start Rockin' Toddlers in your church.  There is no cost - my gift to the toddlers and their parents in your neighborhood!

    Yikes - a typo!

    Yikes - a typo!

    When I walked into the tech booth I saw the handwritten note. The past Sunday the church had sung "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" by Edward Perronent.  Unfortunately I had a very memorable typo in the lyrics. Instead of singing "Oh, that with all the sacred throng we at his feet may fall! We'll join the everlasting song and crown him Lord of all..." I had typed: "Oh, that with all the sacred thong we at his feet may fall..." Sacred thong - oh my goodness.

    Typo's happen - hopefully this one will not happen to you.  The best way to avoid a typo is to cut and paste the lyrics from CCLI and to review the slides each week. At my church, the Music Director and I sit down for 15 minutes each week and check the slides.  He reads the lyrics and I read the slides.  We are able to catch all spelling and word order problems.  If it is a song we have sang recently, we skip the review.

    The most common mistake we have found is having the wrong song!  With so many of the hymns and songs have the same title or similar title - this mix up can happen very easily. Do you want to see what I mean? Type in "you have been so good to me" in the CCLI search box - eight songs pop up!  It would be horrible if the choir/band were singing one song and the congregation had the wrong lyrics - can you imagine?!

    Checking the slides each week is not fun - but keeping people in worship by having quality screens is the reason we do what we do. God bless.