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Summer time – take to the screens!

It’s summertime above the equator and we are all loving the warm weather.  Many in our church family are starting to take vacations again and we pray they are having a marvelous, safe time.  For those of us still at home, a great way to keep the screens (and therefore worship) relevant is to change the screens with the cultural seasons. 

When it’s vacation time – use images of vacation spots that your church members go to. I design for a churches in California. A lot of my people head to the beach each weekend or the mountains to hike or bike for a weeklong vacation. So, I use a lot of beach scenes and mountain scenes during the summer. In the winter, people in the churches I design for head to the mountains to ski – so I use snowy vistas with a bright sun peeking over the mountaintop when possible.  At the end of the summer when school is starting, I use Fall colors and fresh start images. You get the idea. Not only will you be renewing the screens with fresh images – you will instantly communicate that church is relevant in your people’s daily lives.

If you are looking for some inspiration check out our Summer Collection.

I hope you enjoy your summer! Lisa

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