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    Great you've learned the songs and are ready to start!  Advertising is pretty easy and free!

    Create a cute flyer.  I bought the image above from a royalty-free stock photography website for about $12.  I added the text in photoshop.  But you can also do it in PowerPoint - simply add the text and save the slide as an image. What I like about this image is you cannot tell the ethnicity of the children - instantly communicating all are welcome!

    Things to include in a flyer: cute image, short but fun description, church website url, date and time, address and phone number, 'free class - feel free to invite a friend'
    Post the flyer in coffeehouses (i.e. Starbucks).  Check every few weeks that the flyer is still up.  If it's not - give them a new one!
    Advertise weekly on Nextdoor.com by creating an event. Your cute image will make the event post pop in the newsfeed.
    Advertise on Facebook Marketplace groups.
    Ask the parents in your church if any of them are in a parent's group such as MOPS.  Ask them to please post on the parent group's facebook page - I do this once a quarter.