Creator of the Stars at Night PowerPoint with Lyrics

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This gorgeous Creator Of The Stars At Night PowerPoint includes the lyrics.  They are stunning on the screens and will create a very special and meaningful worship experience at your church.

Lyrics are included - the slides are easy to use and completely ready to go.

Long-lasting value - you will use it year after year plus the template is yours to use with other songs. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Note: This is the public domain version.  The lyrics and verses can be re-arranged or changed to meet the needs of your church. 

One of my top favorites! So often we only see what is visible right in front of our faces; but these astrophotography slides amaze me and fill me with wonder every time they are used in worship. So grateful for the gifts of those who take these amazing photos, they enhance the worship experience every time. - KLB Carlsbad CA