How to make a church Facebook post

How to Make A Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor Post with a PowerPoint


One of the most effective ways to get the word out about upcoming Christmas Eve worship services and events is through Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor social media platforms.

It is very simple to use a PowerPoint to create the social media post!

Alright - let's do this! 

First of all select an Envision Worship PowerPoint with a striking image. On Facebook, you are competing with so many images that yours needs to grab their attention.

For Christmas, I often use one of these PowerPoints for my church's social media posts: 


Christmas Star Advent Candle Christmas Star Candle PowerPoint
Christmas Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem PowerPoint
Nativity PowerPoint with Shepherds and Three Wise Men



Open the PowerPoint and select a layout with lots of room.

Christmas PowerPoint from Envision Worship


Type all the worship service information into the text box:

  1. Start with the name of the worship service. People love candlelight Christmas Eve services so make sure to add that to the title if you are having a candlelight worship service.
  2. Add the day, date and time(s). Don't assume everyone knows Christmas Eve is on December 24th. 
  3. Add a very brief description of the worship service. Don't worry you can add lots of details when you post the announcement photo on Facebook. Ideas:
    1. Children Welcomed!
    2. Family Friendly
    3. Christmas Carols
    4. Choir and/or Band
    5. Meaningful message
    6. Childcare available at the ___ service
  4. Church Name
  5. Church Address
  6. Church Website URL


Once you have all the information in the text box start designing the message so it is easily readable:

  1. Use a font that is easy to read.
  2. The worship title font can be a bit fancy - but still super easy to read.
  3. Make the worship title bigger than the rest of the message (Simply highlight the text and increase the font size).
  4. The day, date and time should be a bit smaller yet the second largest text.
  5. The very brief description should be the smallest text but still easy to read.
  6. The church name, address and website URL should be the same size as the day, date and time.


How to make a church Facebook post in PowerPoint

Looks great right?!


Now we need to save this gorgeous and effective slide as a jpeg (image) so we can post it on Facebook. 

Click on FILE in the top menu:

How to make a church Facebook post


Select 'Save A Copy' from the drop down menu (step 1). Change the file name, change the file type from PowerPoint to Jpeg in the drop down menu (step 2) and hit the 'Save' button (step 3). When you hit save a pop-up box will appear - see next step.

how to make a church Facebook post in PowerPoint
Select 'Just This One.' If you accidentally save all the slides it's not big deal.
How to make a church Facebook post in PowerPoint

Now go on to Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor and post your Christmas Eve announcement!

Post it with a cheery, positive invite text (for example):

We hope you will join us for a very special Christmas Eve...

Post it every 3-4 days leading up to Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve post it again saying TONIGHT!


During the announcements on Sunday morning and in the weekly email ask church members to share it on their Facebook, page.

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