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    Raising the bar: Church Slides 101

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    Advent Advice

    Advent Candles for Christmas Worship Service

    Advent is almost here ~ one of our best times of year. It is a great idea to meet with the Pastor and Worship team leaders to hear what the sermon theme is for advent. The images on the screen can strengthen the worship service by supporting the theme and melding with the lyrics.  A great advent candle slide can help set the mood. It's important to capture the mood by choosing the right image. Advent candle slides can be used as the welcome slide, song slides, Bible verses, responsive prayers and sermon slides. I hope you have a blessed and joyful advent season.

    Gorgeous Fall Colors Abound - Time to Refresh the Images On Your Church Screens

    Autumn Church PowerPoint Presentations by Envision Worship

    Most churches add screens to make their church more contemporary - more relevant - well done good and faithful churches!  Well meaning volunteers and staff take up the mission to design the screens - thank you!  

    We hunt out gorgeous, meaning filled images that strengthen the worship experience - fabulous.  But sometime we get a little too comfortable with just a few images.  Week after week we use the same ones. There's nothing wrong with that - but adding new images to the screens invigorates worship and the screen designer.

    Come on - have some fun and go looking for something new and fresh. Not only will it instantly freshen your church's worship experience - it will bring joy and satisfaction to you - enjoy!

    Looking for inspiration? Check out the slides Envision Worship designers are using in their churches: Autumn's Gorgeous Fall Colors Church PowerPoints.