How to make Lent Church PowerPoint

4 Steps to Gorgeous and Meaningful Lent Church PowerPoints

4 Steps to Gorgeous and Meaningful Lent Church PowerPoints
1. Meet with the Pastor: Ask the Pastor what the overall theme for Lent will be. Then ask the Pastor what the 'take away' or key point is for each Sunday. Listen carefully to these answers. After you leave, take time to think of ways to visualize that theme. Your answer might surprise you – maybe it’s a meditative candle, maybe be it’s a rainbow coming out of a storm, maybe be it’s a person praying, maybe… take time to pray and see what images the holy spirit brings to you.
2. Meet with the Music Director: Ask the Music Director if they have chosen a song or musical piece to do every week to build the Lenten theme. Listen to that song – you can do this for free on YouTube – but don’t look at the video – just listen to the music/song. Shut your eyes and listen to the music and see what images come to mind. (Bonus tip: Always ask the Music Director to give you any music the choir or praise team is rehearsing so you can get a jump on the Holy Week worship slides)
3. Create the Main Theme Lenten Slides: Design a few slides for the Lenten journey – one for songs sung each week, one for the bible verse, one for the welcome slide. 
4. See how the Lent season unfolds and makes changes as needed: if something isn't working - then change it. I've had to do this several times. It works well and the worship experience is strengthened.
May your Lenten journey be full of growth and vision,
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