Transferring Lyrics to a New PowerPoint

Transferring Lyrics to a New PowerPoint

There are many hymns that we repeat over the course of a year. Depending on the season or the worship service theme we may want to have different backgrounds. This is especially true with songs on Pentecost. I thought it would be helpful to give you some easy step by step directions on how to transfer the lyrics easily to a new design.

1. Make sure you have both PowerPoint templates saved to your computer.

2. Open the new PowerPoint template.

3. Open the PowerPoint with the existing hymn/song lyrics that you have already created.

4. Copy all the hymn/song slides hold down the shift key and select all the slides you would like to move to the new PowerPoint.Open existing lyric Powerpoint

5. Go to the new PowerPoint and paste the slides. When you are pasting the slides you will be given three options - select the first one "Use Destination Theme" and paste the slides.

How to paste in PowerPoint

6. If you missed selecting the "Use Destination Theme" no worries - just simply select the small popup box near the new slides and select the first option which is the "use Destination Theme" option. 

How to paste lyrics into PowerPoint

7. Look through the new slides and see if you need to adjust any of the text boxes. Sometimes they do not all fly to the new PowerPoint template correctly.

8. Save the new PowerPoint and add the hymn/song/Bible verse to the title.

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