The font plays a huge role!


Which church slide is easier to read? The congregation has just seconds to take in the words on the screens and then sing them out loud.  Above all the screens have to be easy to read. Font size, style and color is important.  

How do you figure out what works best for your church?  Stand in the back of the room and look at the PowerPoint.  Here's a list of questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you read it easily?
  • Is the font large enough?  Is it too large?  
  • Are there too many words on the screen?  
  • Are there too few?  Are the word arrange the way the song is sung? 
  • Is the contrast between the background and the letters strong enough?
  • Is the font style an easy font to read?  

If you are using an Envision Worship PowerPoint - all of this is already thought out and integrated into the PowerPoint Template.

After you have made your choices - check in with a positive older member of your congregation - preferable one who sits towards the back of the church. Ask them to let you know if they ever have a hard time reading the words on the screens.  

It's always all about worship.  

The lyrics on the slides above are from "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" written by Cililla D. Martin in 1905.

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