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    Raising the bar: Church Slides 101 — Holy week screens

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    How to Make Great Church PowerPoints

    How to Make Great Church PowerPoints

    We only do church slides!  Our goal is to help you create a gorgeous and meaningful worship service that connects Seekers with Christ.  We have created a How To Make Church Slides PowerPoint to give you expert advice and have a bit of fun along the way.  Please click on the photo below.  The How to PowerPoint will be downloaded to your computer.  You may click on it and watch it once or download it as a reference tool. It is our gift to you - enjoy!




    Ready for the rollercoaster?

    I’m hoping this Holy Week will feed each of you spiritually and you will be deeply touched by the worship experiences you are helping to create. But man-oh-man as a screen designer, Holy Week is a rollercoaster! In one week there are at least four major worship services. The songs you are designing screens for will run the spectrum of human emotions: celebrating palm processions, the passion of Christ, communion with Christ, betrayal, loneliness, sadness, mourning, surprise, disbelief, miracle, a love beyond all that is and was ever imagined. Awesome week – terrible week – glorious holy week. On top of the wide breath to be covered there is also the negotiations to get the music titles from the Pastor and/or Music Director – thankfully we all work well under pressure!

     I do hope you will take time to pray before you start designing. And after praying, you will take a deep breath and remember God called you to design the screens for your church. Designing for concepts of a risen Christ are definitely a glorious challenge – how do you express that visually? Just take each song/hymn and each worship service one at a time. Taking that moment to pray and focusing on what the worship service is trying to communicate will help you create a meaningful worship experience. May you have a blessed week ~ and may you enjoy the ride.