Prayer Worship Slides

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Wonderful Prayer Worship Slides instantly communicates community, walking in faith and opens the door of your church to others in your community.  

Often, people who attend a church all look basically the same. Perhaps they have the same skin color, or they are in the same age group, or – maybe – a social dynamic is missing.

The church screens are a great tool to change this. More diverse screen images let all people know they are welcomed into your open, healthy, dynamic church. 

So as we design the screens - let’s open those doors wide - as you are choosing images for your church screens – seek out diversification – let your visitors know they are welcomed here. The Prayer Church Slides are the perfect way to achieve this.

An Envision Worship Collection PowerPoint with bonus layouts included.  

You will receive:

    • An easy-to-use church PowerPoint with a gorgeous and powerful image.
    • 3 design layouts and color options.
    • Long-lasting value - yours to use over and over again - forever.
    • The lyrics and text are very easy to read.
    • The stunning, contemporary image will deepen the worship experience and resonate with today's believers.
    • Instant and safe download directly from Envision Worship.
    • Professionally designed with fonts & text box options included yet fully adaptable.
    • Envision Worship slide designers also do the weekly worship slides at their own churches - we understand what you need.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don't miss out on a chance to create a stunning and powerful worship experience for your church.