Never Alone, Ever Christian PowerPoint Collection

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A powerful Christian PowerPoint template that takes us to our saddest times in life when we felt totally alone. It is so honest that it resonates with the congregation.

This is a special Envision Worship PowerPoint collection - you will receive 9 different layouts and design options in this one PowerPoint template.

You will receive:

    • An easy-to-use church PowerPoint template with a gorgeous image.
    • 9 design layout choices (see images).
    • Long-lasting value - yours to use over and over again - forever.
    • The lyrics and text are very easy to read.
    • The stunning, contemporary image will deepen the worship experience and resonate with today's believers.
    • Instant and safe download directly from Envision Worship.
    • Professionally designed with fonts & text box options included yet fully adaptable.
    • Envision Worship slide designers also do the weekly worship slides at their own churches - we understand what you need.
    • Standard or Widescreen PowerPoint options.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed.

This Sunday, resonate with your congregation and deepen their worship experience.