Palm Sunday PowerPoint

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It is so easy to picture Jesus riding into Jerusalem between gorgeous columns of palms. The Palm Sunday Procession PowerPoint sets the tone to celebrate Palm Sunday!  

Picture your church: Hosanna! Hosanna! Children singing! Bright palms waving! The whole congregation joyfully celebrates Jesus' arrival.  A time of celebration and a heightened sense of anticipation. Palm Sunday only comes once a year but it is a powerful beginning to Holy Week. Hosanna!  

Just add words! This worship PowerPoint is specially designed for churches ~ with an amazing image, fonts, and text boxes in place and ready to go! Give hope through the worship slides this Palm Sunday! Marvelous year-round for Bible Verses. 

Long-lasting value - yours to use Sunday after Sunday forever. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

PS - Our designer, Lisa Scott Jones will be using this slide on Palm Sunday at her church!