Cross PowerPoint - Real Sunset

Church PowerPoint Presentation


This stunning Cross PowerPoint has a sunlit cross streaming across a gorgeous mountain lake. A wonderful reminder that God is with us always. The Cross PowerPoint will work well with many hymns, contemporary songs, Bible verses, and sermon notes. 

True and authentic photograph - I took it myself and I feel incredibly blessed to have seen it and wanted to share it with you. It was taken at Zephyr Point on Lake Tahoe, Nevada on May 17, 2022. Lisa

The Cross PowerPoint contains four different designs with fonts and text boxes in place and ready to go - yet fully adaptable. Beyond our normal layouts, we have a new layout for use for online streaming.

Long-lasting value - yours to use as often as you like - forever. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Note: We've included sample images of slides with Amazing Grace lyrics by John Newton to show you what the slides will look like with text. The lyrics are not included - but you can easily add them!