Candle PowerPoint Presentation

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Candles have lit up churches since the very first churches. Their warmth, glow and light deepen the worship experience. The Candle PowerPoint Presentation works well all year long but is especially powerful during Lent and Advent - times of waiting. This church PowerPoint is powerful through its simplicity and inherent strength. It makes worship a much more personal experience.

Included in the Candle Church PowerPoint Presentation:

    • An easy-to-use church PowerPoint with a gorgeous image.
    • Long-lasting value - yours to use over and over again - forever.
    • The lyrics and text are very easy to read.
    • Ability to center or left justify the words.
    • The stunning, contemporary image will deepen the worship experience and resonate with today's believers.
    • Instant and safe download directly from Envision Worship.
    • Professionally designed with fonts & text box options included yet fully adaptable.
    • Envision Worship slide designers also do the weekly worship slides at their own churches - we understand what you need.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed.