Made to Order

Would you like someone to create a special song for you? Or just do all the worship slides for you each week?  Or maybe just for special worship services like Christmas and Easter? We are here for you.

Your congregation will be delighted by a gorgeous, spiritually deep, professionally designed slides that will seamlessly allow them to experience worship in a deeper way. 

We offer several made to order options:

  1. Contemporary church PowerPoint slides with lyrics included for a contemporary song you select (cost US$20)*
  2. Hymn church PowerPoint slides with lyrics included for a hymn you select (cost US$18)*
  3. Bible verse PowerPoint slides  US$15 (up to 10 slides)*
  4. Sermon text PowerPoint slides US$15 (up to 10 slides)*
  5. Full weekly worship services (cost determined by number of songs/hymns - on average US$75-100). You may use the slides for as many services as you have.
  6. Full special services: Christmas, Easter, Holy Week, Pentecost, Epiphany (cost determined by number of songs/hymns minimum US$100)

All options: The Church PowerPoint template may be used for other songs, hymns and bible verses.

Full Weekly Worship Services and Special Service Bonus:  When I create the full worship service for you, you become my clients.  This allows me to use not only the images from the Envision Worship website but many other additional images as I do not have to buy the resale rights for clients. I purposely keep this group small so I can give each church the individual attention that their unique worship service deserves. Worship services need to be ordered a week in advance.

How to Order: Please fill out the form below and include the following information:  

  • Contemporary Christian Songs: Please include the CCLI song number. Please include your church's usage rights license number.
  • Hymns: Please include the title and denomination (i.e. Glory to God Presbyterian), the title of the hymn and page number.
  • Bible verses: Please give the Bible title (i.e. NIV) and bible verses you would like.
  • Sermon slides: Please provide the text of the slides.
  • For all slides please tell be the size (Traditional or Widescreen).

Order timing: Individual songs, hymns, bible verse and/or sermon text must be ordered 72 hours in advance. Special Worship Service must be ordered two weeks in advance. Full weekly worship services - we will set up a weekly schedule.

Ground rules: Your church must legally be able to sing the song or hymn. When appropriate, we will ask for your CCLI license number. We also reserve the right not to accept the business. 

I am looking forward to working with you,
Lisa Scott Jones

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