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    church slide help

    Hey there! At Envision Worship we specialize in church slides. Our goal is to help you create a worship service that will engage and energize your congregation.  We design worship services for our own churches - we understand. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This is a free service with no sales pitch - it is simply about helping you. I look forward to hearing from you - Lisa

    While we'd love to hear from you, we also have a free and very helpful resource available 24/7: How To Create Church Slides

    Seriously, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible - no sales pitch - it is simply about helping you.


    For those who need much more....

    Looking for more? We offer a variety of consulting options from helping you create, develop and implement your church's visual worship program to refreshing and energizing the tech team. We can do this in person or over zoom:

    Full Service:  Do you just want to hire someone to create an amazing worship PowerPoint for your church each week?  I love doing this!  I will create a weekly worship service for your church that dovetails with the sermon and music deepening the worship experience.  Worship service will be created for your individual church. 

    Nuts & Bolts: Every church community is unique - both physically and culturally.  Lisa Scott Jones will work with the Pastor and Leadership team to create the nuts and bolts of your church's visual program. From screen/projection choices to team development and training. Together we will create a sustainable worship visual ministry program that will serve your church's needs - adding depth to worship and resonating with today's seekers.

    TuneUp:  Do you have a Worship Visual Program/Team but somehow it became stuck?  Bring new energy to the team through an empowering, rebuilding workshop specially tailored to your church's specific needs.