Senior Woman Praise PowerPoint

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Oh, we are so excited about the new Senior Woman Praise PowerPoint! Well, to be truthful we get really excited about each new PowerPoint we create - we are church screen groupies :-) But we are especially excited about this one - it is so hard to find an authentic image of a senior praising God. This gorgeous woman captures the peace and serenity of connecting with the creator of the universe - and ourselves. You will be able to use this one PowerPoint over and over again. 

You will receive:

    • An easy-to-use church PowerPoint with a gorgeous image.
    • 2 different designs/layout options. 
    • Long-lasting value - yours to use over and over again - forever.
    • The lyrics and text are very easy to read.
    • The stunning, contemporary image will deepen the worship experience and resonate with today's believers.
    • Instant and safe download directly from Envision Worship.
    • Professionally designed with fonts & text box options included yet fully adaptable.
    • Envision Worship slide designers also do the weekly worship slides at their own churches - we understand what you need.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Church PowerPoint Tip: Using images of different types of people (women, men, children, ages, and ethnicities) instantly communicates that all are welcomed at your church. 

Give it a try this Sunday - you and your church will be thrilled with how the worship experience is deepened.