Come to the Water Church PowerPoint

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Come to the Water and be changed forevermore. A beautiful image of a seeker walking to the water. Interestingly she is already wet - a baptism, renewal image.

Baptism, honesty, openness, hope, grace - willing to be completely honest with God - waiting to receive God's love. This image is powerful and makes worship a much more personal experience.  This design is only available through Envision Worship.

Design notes: The copy space is a bit smaller than other worship PowerPoints so it would be best for slower songs where the words can be spread across several slides. There is a small design difference between the Traditional and Widescreen sizes. Please review the size you would like to purchase. The Imagine PowerPoint has the same image in a different design.

Location: Yosemite or any mountain lake :-)

Envision Worship original - this slide can only be found here!