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    Raising the bar: Church Slides 101

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    Advent Advice

    Advent Advice

    Christmas Advent Candle

    Advent is almost here ~ one of our best times of year. It is a great idea to meet with the Pastor and Worship team leaders to hear what the sermon theme is for advent. The images on the screen can strengthen the worship service by supporting the theme and melding with the lyrics.  A great advent candle slide can help set the mood. It's important to capture the mood by choosing the right image. Advent candle slides can be used as the welcome slide, song slides, Bible verses, responsive prayers and sermon slides. I hope you have a blessed and joyful advent season.

    "Good enough for church?"

    I always cringe when someone says “Good enough for government work.” Sidestepping any political discussion - the saying bugs me. Yet I sometimes hear that philosophy creep onto church screens. Don’t let “good enough for church” be the slogan for your screens.

    I totally get it. I've been designing the weekly worship screens at my church for the last nine years. I know you’re busy. Your life is incredibly busy. Designing the worship screens is just one small part of your life. I agree and I thank you for stepping up. 

    The only thing is – the screens are a huge part of the worship experience. We wouldn’t dream of scrimping on the sermon or the music – they are key elements to the worship service. Don’t scrimp on the screens. Start with prayer – invite the Holy Spirit to be apart of the design process. Choose quality images that make sense with the lyrics. Break the lyrics across the slides in a way that makes the song easy to sing. Double-check the spelling of the lyrics. Simply doing these three things will make a huge difference.  

    And if you just don't have time to do it yourself - let us help you. Use Envision Worship PowerPoints they will create an amazing worship experience.

    How to Choose the Right Image

    I love designing for Christian songs and hymns. Well, I love it now – in the beginning it was tough. How do you visually communicate hope or transformation or second chances or hitting rock bottom?

    I design best when I can clear my mind, sit and listen to a new song – letting it flow over me. But those opportunities are rare in our busy world. So I create the slides weekly and tuck that song in the back of my mind. I often listen to it in a car or while working on another project – often an image will rise – and the next time we sing that song the visuals are spot on.

    Below are some images that work marvelously for some of these tough concepts to visualize.  One of my favorites is the energized cross - amazing.


    Darker Images = Easy to Read Slides


    Occasionally we are asked “why are your PowerPoint slides so dark?” The answer is simple: because it works! We purposely design the PowerPoints so there is a significant color difference between the words and images. This makes the slides easier to read and significantly adds to the worship experience.

    A Worship PowerPoint is unlike any other PowerPoint presentation in the world. Within seconds of the slide flashing up on that big screen, several hundred people will start singing the lyrics – hopefully at the top of their lungs! There is no other PowerPoint presentation like it. Functionality is key - the words must be easy to read.

    The best analogy is freeway signs. We are driving along at 65 miles per hour and we need the information presented simply and clearly. Homework assignment: start noticing the traffic signs and billboards along the freeway. I know we normally like to ignore them but they are wonderful lessons in functionality.

    Notice how the freeway signs use white, simple fonts on darker backgrounds. How both freeway signs and billboards are center justified. Notice how the billboards capture your attention with their images and how they combine those images with their message.But worship slides are much more than functional freeway signs. Done well - they build and strengthen the worship experience.

    At Envision Worship each PowerPoint is designed with a stunning image that is specially designed to strengthen the worship experience. We then add white, bolded, sans serif fonts that stand out and are easy to read. This combination increases the functionality and has an amazing impact on the congregation’s worship experience.

    Design solution: From Despair to Hope

    What do you do with a song that moves from sadness and despair to hope or joy? This happens weekly at my church! One solution I came up with is choosing one really great image and then changing the contrast and/or brightness to create a transition from darkness to hope.